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Happy Passover - Happy Spring!

A Passover Challenge

Published Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Passover Challenge:

Lots of attention is given to making the Seder fun for children. The Seder is a multi-sensory experience intended to engage ALL ages. This year, give the kids Legos for building pyramids while you challenge the adults and teens around your table to expand their creativity (not only their waistlines) and make the occasion meaningful. Heres one idea:

Part of the telling of the story of Passover is to make it real by having tangible symbols. Charoset, for example, is a delicious concoction that symbolizes the mortar of the bricks that we as slaves made inEgypt. Charoset challenges us to continue to deepen our symbolic understanding in new and different ways as we make a story long past a part of our immediate present. We are supposed to dip the maror (bitter herbs) in the charoset to sweeten the pain of the vegetable and symbolically minimize the bitterness of slavery.  Take a minute to think about modern day symbols (brands/TV characters, etc.). Which of todays modern symbols best represents the values and goals that you aim for at this point in your life?  

(Facebook for connectivity, Volvo for security, Walmart for accessibility, Coach for luxury, etc.) Or for younger children which TV character best represents who you want to be, and why? 

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